The Lewis Wallet


The Lewis Wallet fits perfectly into the back pocket of trousers and holds lots of bank/store cards as well as notes and change.


The Lewis is a wallet designed to fit easily into the back pocket of trousers. It has three compartments, the front two for bank and store cards, and the back compartment is big enough to fit a number of folded banknotes as well as loose change. The clever folded design means the contents are secure inside the wallet and won’t fall out.

The compartments will hold a number of cards and is designed in such a way as to keep the wallet as slim as possible.

It fastens with two snaps, or if you want the wallet to be for a child these can be swapped for velcro.

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Size: (Width/Height) 3¼″ x 4¾″ or 12cm x 8.5cm

Fabric Choices: Lightweight Denim, cotton, linen, chambray.

Every item I make is made from top quality products and with the utmost care. I use high-quality fabrics and hardware, which cost more but I think it is important when you order a custom item, that it looks and feels special, and stays with you through so very many uses. Most shop bought bags are mass produced and this makes them cheaper to buy, and often made from low quality fabrics. Items are made to order so please allow 21 days for delivery.

Designed by Spencer Ogg; Made by Melanie Jayne.

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On average it takes me around 1 week to make a bag, and my diary is full until week commencing 24th January 2022.

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Melanie Jayne