Latest Make: The Oslo Craft Bag by Sara Lawson.

The Oslo Craft Bag by Sara Lawson of is absolutely adorable! On the Facebook group I’ve seen so many of these posted, made in a variety of fabrics, I knew I had to make one for myself. Having seen the finished result, my husband now wants one. He has no idea what for, but it has pockets, lots of pockets and this is something he can’t ignore.

It takes quite a while to cut out the pattern pieces and it’s a good idea to label them as there are a few of a similar size and there are over 40 pieces to cut out but the end result is worth the effort.

With three open pockets on the front, one large pocket on the back, which incidentally easily fits a 12″ x 6½” cutting ruler, and a pocket on each end that has a flap closure, there are plenty of places to put things you need handy! In the original pattern the inside is divided into 2 and each compartment has a pocket on the end. I didn’t want to divide this and so I omitted that step. I also added a recessed zip closure because, well, I have 2 cats and they would either help themselves to anything that looked interesting or lay inside it. I also added some purse feet on the bottom to try and protect the fabric a little.

It looks like a complicated make but it isn’t. I’ve made a few of Sara’s patterns now and everyone is designed to be logical and straightforward, although I wouldn’t be without her video tutorials for the first time through.

The most amazing thing about this pattern though is Sara offers it for free to people who subscribe to her newsletter! So, if you fancy making your own get over to and sign up. If you don’t want to, or are not able to make one yourself but want one why not head over to the store and order your own today?

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